Tints | Pigments

Our PlastiDip® Tints compose of a series of liquid concentrated pigments to create individual PlastiDip® colors or strengthen existing basic colors.

Our series Pro FX Spectral Pigments brings decorating and personalizing with PlastiDip® to a higher level. This series of non-metallic effect pigments have a higher standard than the general offered pearls. The colors and the effects created by our pigments are based on the reflection and refraction of light through the special pigment structure. Only 5 grams required for an exceptional result.

All types of Tints | Pigments

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From € 10,75 (excl. VAT € 8,88) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping
From € 16,95 (excl. VAT € 14,01) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping
From € 85,00 (excl. VAT € 70,25) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping
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