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PlastiDip® is a synthetic liquid rubber for coating wood, metal, glass, rope, plastic, rubber, concrete, tools and almost everything you can think of. PlastiDip® has a static adhesion, and can easily be removed again. With PlastiDip® Primer adhesion is final and can not be removed.

Take advantage of the extensive range of sprays include protecting / pimping the rims, gril, spoiler of your car. PlastiDip® Camo helps to make hunting and fishing equipment, camping gear and other outdoor equipment inconspicuous.

PlastiDip Enhancers are specially designed to make the already-outstanding PlastiDip® home solution even better.

Select PlastiDip® Smoke for creating smoke shades of gray to black.

ATTENTION: PlastiDip is a hazardous material. Due to IATA rules, we are not allowed to ship PlastiDip aerosols by air. Therefore we are only able to process aerosol orders within Europe mainland.

How to spray PlastiDip without texture?

All types of PlastiDip Matte | Fluor

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- Very useful for electronic applications - 3 2International
From € 11,95 (excl. VAT € 9,88) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping
Regular colors and Smoke 3 0Copyright
From € 12,50 (excl. VAT € 10,33) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping
Camouflage colors 3 0Copyright
From € 13,75 (excl. VAT € 11,36) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping
The new PlastiDip® Series with 11 Muscle colors !. 3 1Classic
From € 13,75 (excl. VAT € 11,36) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping
9 colors - With a classy sparkle 3 1Classic
3 1Classic
All colors in stock! 3 1Classic
From € 14,75 (excl. VAT € 12,19) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping
Fluor colors 3 2International
3 0Copyright
Give any do-it-yourself project a bright, neon color. 3 1Classic
From € 15,95 (excl. VAT € 13,18) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping
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