Univet Protective Spectacles


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Univet Protective Spectacles
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The professional Univet 568 spectacles protects your eyes during spraying of PlastiDip.

The material of the 568 spectacles is very robust and stable due to polycarbonate material but is still extremely lightweight providing high comfort even during intensive use. Flat temples ensure hearing protection or a helmet can be comfortably worn in combination with these spectacles.

Frame color: Smoke

The 568 spectacles are CE certified in accordance with EN166 and EN170 (Personal eye protection–Specifications).

Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating
The 568 spectacles feature an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating to ensure clear vision in the most arduous of situations.

Comfortable with hearing protection or helmet
Equipped with flat temples the spectacles 568 are comfortable and suitable for any kind of hearing protection or helmet.

Universal nose bridge
The spectacles 568 are equipped with an universal nose bridge to fit most of the people.

Sportive, modern and unisex design
Effective protection combined with an attractive, stylish and unisex design. Univet 568 spectacles are characterised by a modern and sporty look, making them extremely popular among users in industry, trade or for private use.

Best possible comfort
The 568 spectacles provide high wearer comfort due to its ergonomic design. In addition, the series provides perfect fit together with half mask respirators and particle filtering face pieces.

UV protection and best optical class
The 568 offer the highest UV protection available and the best optical class (class 1) for continuous work. Additionally, it is certified in accordance with EN166 and EN170 and is CE compliant. This means that all spectacles meet high quality requirements.

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