DYC PreDip Spray

Cleaner for a perfect bonding

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DYC PreDip Spray
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The new DipYourCar PreDip Spray with foam formula is specifically designed for a perfect bond between Plasti Dip® and the surface on which you want to apply Plasti Dip. It safely removes all dirt, oil, grease, film, cleaning and tire shines that could cause Plasti Dip® to bubble, lift, or fail.

Now new foaming formula

Whether it be wheels, emblems, trim, or the whole car - months of testing and research went into the development of PreDip Spray to guarantee you successful dips every time. This is the exact formula used in the DipYourCar Installation Headquarters in Coral Springs, FL.

Content ca. 561 ml.

The car should be washed the day before the dipping process. Make sure all surfaces are 100% dry. Spray PreDip generously on all surfaces and wipe clean with a new microfibre cloth. Focus on cleaning one panel at that time. Remove all oil, dirt, debris, wax, etc. Wipe off any remaining liquid and allow all surfaces to dry completely.

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