PlastiDip Phosporescent 3,79 L

Plasti Dip Phosphorescent GLOW IN THE DARK Coating

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PlastiDip Phosporescent 3,79 L
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PlastiDip Phosphorescent GLOW IN THE DARK Coating

When PlastiDip Phosphorescent GLOW IN THE DARK Coating applied it's transparent light green glow, when the lights go out... IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!!


- Gadgets
- Perfect for Emergency Markings and Black Out directions.
- Mark vital equipment in case of power failure.
- Protects against electrical shock, skidding, slipping, and corrosion
- Remains flexible and stretchy, and will not become brittle or crack even in extreme weather conditions.
.... and so on.

PlastiDip Enhancers are specially designed to make the already-outstanding PlastiDip home/professional solution even better. The enhancers are easy to use and will give any PlastiDipped item a unique look.

PlastiDip Phosphorescent Coating is available in cans of 3,79 L (1 Gallon). They apply quickly and easily with a spray gun. No dilution necessary Using PlastiDip Enhancers couldn't be easier; the results couldn't be better. For small objects PlastiDip Glow Blue and PlastiDip Glow Green are available in spray can of 325 ml.

PlastiDip Enhancers are formulated to bond with the unique chemical structure of cured PlastiDip for superior adhesion and long life. PlastiDip Enhancers are not recommended for use on any other surface.

See product labels for additional information.

Packing : Can
Content : 3,79 L (1 Gallon)
Color : When applied it's neon

Suitability for application, and performances of finished goods coated with PlastiDip, is the sole responsibility of the customer and end user. Product and item design, pre-treatment, coating conditions, quality assurance and conditions of product end use, are among the factors that affect performance of the coated products, and are outside the control of ClassicInternational. Classic International expressly denies specific or implied warrantees, including warrantees for fitness for a particular use or purpose.

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  H20 x ø17 cm
Weight  :  3,50 kg