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Spray nozzle aerosol clogged?

  You have a fresh spray can and it clogs the first time you spray it. Clogging is always the result of insufficient shaking of the can. Often you can tell by the sound of the bullit inside that the paint is thickened. If you shake a fresh can not enough, then it can clog right at the first stroke. If that happens, then not only the nozzle is clogged, but above all the valve in the can so that a fresh nozzle does not help either.

Tip! Turn the spray can upside down after use and briefly spray the spray head empty, then you will be able to use the can until the end. This procedure applies to all spray cans. Depending on the product, it is sometimes necessary to pull out the clogged nozzle and clean it.

Clogged spray heads incl. Valve / riser can be unclogged and ready to use again with PlastiDip Thinner.

Pull out the nozzle and place the nozzle in a cap filled with PlastiDip Thinner for some time. In addition, place the spray can upside down in a cap filled with PlastiDip Thinner. This causes the PlastiDip in the riser and nozzle to liquefy again. After cleaning and thorough blowing the nozzle the spray can will function as beforel.

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